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Security Entered The AI ​​era
Dec 04, 2017

With  economic progress and development, people pay more attention to safety  prevention issues such as enterprises, communities and public places,  and their safety and security needs are drastically released. The  Chinese government attaches great importance to it and has repeatedly  promulgated relevant policies to promote such projects as safe city and  safe neighborhoods and gives encouragement and support to the security  industry. Under the multiple favorable conditions, the security industry in our country has shown a momentum of vigorous development.
Artificial  Intelligence (AI) and Alpha Dog Effect make "Artificial Intelligence  Surveillance" an alternative to "Traditional Surveillance" and become a  hot word (core concept) of corporate brand marketing in the field of  security. For now, security system is undoubtedly the best application of artificial intelligence
Future security industry development market prospects, artificial intelligence broke the ceiling of the development of video surveillance, intelligent security industry greatly shorten the process,  while taking a lot less detours in the technical level.
  With the deepening of the performance of artificial intelligence algorithms,the changes brought by AI to the security industry and the application scenarios all show geometric growth. In the past, due to the lack of accuracy of the algorithm, the application in some scenarios could not be realized. As the algorithm technology goes deeper, the application scenarios will be more. This not only brings the opportunity to take off again to the relevant enterprises in the field of video surveillance, but also will profoundly affect all aspects of security. In  particular, the security industry will change the entire ecological chain, more artificial intelligence start-ups will break in, whether it  is chips, algorithms, or to do the product, or even to do business solutions and so on. No matter what kind of company, the traditional security vendors, both cooperation, there is more competition.
    Improve decision-making level of the system, adopt deep learning techniques to improve the decision-making level of expert systems such as early warning, risk assessment and preplanning; raise the level and value of big data application (mining); build a risk assessment system and safety early warning system to solve public safety challenges , To promote and speed up the establishment of a modern security system.
In short, artificial intelligence is the only way to intelligent security systems, security is to support the development of basic technology. In this sense, security has entered the AI era. We  hope that by brand marketing with artificial intelligence as the core, we can stimulate potential security needs, promote the development of new security technologies and new products, and realize new application models and markets. Security system (technology) to a new level

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