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Proof Camera Housing
Mar 30, 2017

Vandal-resistant camera the built-in camera and ordinary camera is basically the same, in order to achieve anti-violence (against knock, smashing, shock-proof) requirements, more and more products are transparent protection cover are uses polycarbonate (PC) plastics to make, there are some manufacturers of products using a poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) plastic (acrylic, yajiali) the ball cover.

Ball machine commonly used polymethyl methacrylate plastic dome is different, polycarbonate plastics Dome, while transparency is not very good, but much better impact resistance. Addition need description of is, according to some manufacturers reflect, to makes part high strength riot camera has better of anti-impact, strengthening has poly carbonate ester (PC) engineering plastics ball cover of thickness, makes was transparency on more poly methyl acrylic methyl ester (PMMA) ball cover poor of PC ball cover of flux declined, must degree Shang effect has image quality, if thickness increased in manufacturing process Shang also more difficult do uniform sleek, while also will raised image optical distortion of occurred. Impact resistance of transparent shield solves the problem, but the rest of the camera is facing the possibility of, so that the ball machine and the base of the dome camera firm is equally important.

Most ball-type explosion-proof camera base using a cast aluminum enclosure can withstand the strength of the impact. In addition, individual manufacturers also added some special devices in the vandal-resistant cameras, the camera uses a spring, which has scaling, using scenes telescopic flexibility to cushion external shocks, to protect vulnerable parts of the camera working purposes. Vandal-resistant cameras in addition to shield fighting abilities for special consideration, should also be given to vandal-resistant camera tampering.

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