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How To Shop For Camera Housings
Mar 30, 2017

Manufacturer and model of the camera housing market a wide range of various specifications of dazzling, how to choose a monitoring camera housing to meet their needs? ... In general the appearance of well-known manufacturers in the surveillance camera housing design and housing materials will be more hard, most manufacturers use high-strength engineering plastic, ... Under normal circumstances, case dimensions must be consistent and camera CCD size, or 1/2 ″ ″ 1/2 CCD cameras to choose shells, ...

Buy indoor camera housings

Buy indoor camera housings, then choose a design simple camera case, this case is not only good materials are selected, so that you can use for a long time, is also the most important indoor camera housing to small, select Interior configurations have small 50 monitoring camera housings and metal camera little conch shell small conch camera case why metal? Because of metal color glossy, texture, smooth ... Furniture equipped very well.

Purchase stairs surveillance camera housing

Select stairs monitoring camera shell on not like purchase indoor camera shell as has, because stairs road of monitoring is is slopes-like of monitoring, so can consider slightly big is of camera shell, like new 60/75/85#, camera shell, in purchase these model of camera shell of when by to note of is can loaded Xia infrared lamp of shell, because stairs monitoring light both not like indoor also not like outdoor, so need infrared camera monitoring, such to makes monitoring picture clear, HS-85T surveillance camera enclosure's size is just enough to carry HD CCD or infra-red lamp.

Buy an outdoor camera housing

Buy camera housings, the first thing to consider is the waterproof camera housing, and housing quality, material error rain soon shell OUT. For outdoor surveillance needs to be monitored too much, therefore, when in the purchase of camera housings it is necessary to select a larger size, adjustable so as to control enough of the scenes. General HS-85T/100/110 shell.

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