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Development Trend Of Security Monitoring System
Aug 30, 2017

Security monitoring system involves a wide range of fields, including: integrated wiring, video surveillance, perimeter alarm, high voltage power grids, access control, emergency alarm, patrol, intercom, public broadcasting, meet the recording, regulatory information more than 10 subsystems. In recent years, although the security monitoring system in the intelligent has made some progress, but for many reasons, there are still urgent to improve the problem. All of the above mentioned subsystems have been running independently, the information can not be shared, there is no correlation between each other, the formation of the information island. In the event of an emergency, the system can not be linked in time, monitoring images and other security resources can not be shared, resulting in the management can not intuitively, can not quickly and efficiently play the role of early warning and prevention; afterwards it is difficult to unify the check and find records Information between the correlation, waste of manpower, material resources, resulting in the management of the low efficiency.
The rapid development and popularization of computers, communications, multimedia and control technologies are changing this situation. With the openness, scalability and manageability of the network, the prison security has been able to monitor the image resources as the core, to achieve perimeter alarm, high voltage power grid, emergency alarm, patrol, access control, intercom, public broadcasting, Meet the recording and regulatory information and other security resources integration and integration, and through the unified management of the upper integrated management system to achieve the sharing of resources between the subsystems and information exchange, so as to achieve the management of convenience, data intuitive, intelligent system security Sexual and other purposes.
Therefore, the future development of security monitoring system should be: digital integration, networking and intelligence. From the previous manual to upgrade to automatically determine and deal with, reducing the workload of duty on duty.

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