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Application Of UAV In Security Monitoring
Oct 25, 2017

Compared with the traditional monitoring methods, security UAV monitoring can be moved, high efficiency, three-dimensional and so on. UAV in the field of security monitoring, surveillance cameras can no longer be fixed in one place, the use of camera-equipped UAV, to carry out large-scale aerial photography, air overlooking the effect, so that the scope of video surveillance more open.

Since November, Xi'an has entered the winter since the anti-pollution haze has become one of the main work of urban management law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement process, some of the site to face the "ban on soil" indifferent, when the law enforcement officers refused to open the door to check, some sites also arranged to look at the wind, far to see the arrival of law enforcement officers immediately closed. In view of this problem encountered in law enforcement, Xi'an Yanta District Urban Management Fishfield Industrial Park squadron purchased a UAV to assist in law enforcement inspection. Even if the site does not open the door, UAV on the camera will be the site of the situation transmitted to the phone, the venue is illegal, illegal phenomenon at a glance, 5 minutes to check a site.

Law enforcement officers said that before the manual law enforcement inspection, hiking into the venue to turn the corner, at least 30 minutes, the use of UAVs not only save manpower, but also save time. UAV shooting site data can be transmitted simultaneously to the unit of the background system, if there is a violation of the law need to enter the scene law enforcement, the squadron will immediately send additional personnel to deal with. In addition, the UAV can also be applied to the investigation of waste incineration, can be carried out within a certain range, can be found in time to burn the phenomenon of garbage.

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