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Anti-camera Applications In Mineral Surveying
Mar 30, 2017

Vandal-resistant camera also has applications in the industrial and mining enterprises, one is given to the worst of the natural environment, another reason is because the accidents occur more often in these places, though not people deliberately to destroy the camera, but also camera due to man-made causes collateral damage.

Overall usage is still small it appears from the above, vandal-resistant cameras there may be violence incident, unattended environment, complex as well as a larger flow of people and other places, there should be considerable demand.

Riot control products in China Although there is a demand but the volume is very small, this is because many of the high-end riot control equipment are imported brands, the quality of these products is good, but high prices are also obvious. And want to make the country's engineering and user acceptance of those high priced products have a higher degree, still need time to develop and change their consumer attitudes and awareness. Both imported and domestically produced, compared with ordinary cameras, camera with vandal-resistant function of its product prices are still high. And the price factors more or less affect the speed of vandal-resistant camera.

If the person standing on the ground throwing bricks and mortar approach to destroy the camera, hit the camera has little chance, even hit its moment of impact force will fly highly original dramatically weakened. Therefore, such as in public places to "riot" where the requirements are not highlighted, due to cost considerations, often will not use vandal-resistant camera.

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