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Why the construction site need monitoring camera
Sep 26, 2017

Why the construction site need monitoring camera?

construction site monitoring system consists of front-end equipment, network platform server one machine, monitoring terminal components. Front-end equipment, including cameras and video servers, video servers with hard drives, real-time monitoring at the same time to achieve video storage capabilities. Network platform server can be built in the management center of the room, the monitoring terminal can be a smart phone, computer monitor, it can be a big screen. The live video of the camera is sent to the monitoring terminal through the network platform server. The customer can realize the real-time monitoring of the construction site or the video playback when necessary. The monitoring terminal is a large screen and monitor the monitor.

At the same time, because the site monitoring system camera needs day and night surveillance, so you can use the infrared camera or star-level camera; the other in order to prevent wind and rain, but also in the camera cover; in addition to the camera to ensure that the site door, building on both sides, Special corners are installed, so that through the monitoring center keyboard, mouse operation, can achieve the head of the head, around the lens of the distance, automatic short focus, aperture size operation, the construction site and personnel for all-round surveillance. Moreover, in order to meet the needs of the construction site monitoring network, the use of wireless bridge WLAN has become an excellent choice for building site monitoring system

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