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What is the main performance of the picture divider
Jan 06, 2018

What is the main performance of the picture divider             

 1. Fully compressed images, digital processing of color / black and white picture segmentation;
2. Four (or nine, sixteen) video input and with four (or nine, sixteen) of the loop output;
3. Built-in adjustable time sequence switch and independent switching output. According to the camera's number of full-screen images in order to  switch the display, each screen display time can be optimized by the  user to programmatically adjust;
4 high resolution and real-time update rate. Screen indicators for the 512 × 512 pixels, the update rate of 25-30 field / second;
5. Video playback can be achieved 1/4 (or 1 / 9,1 / 16) screen to full screen zoom (restore to real-time full screen);
6. Compatible with standard SUPER-VHS VCR (some also have S-VHS interface);
7. Alarm input / output interface, linkage with the alarm system. Alarm can call the full screen and generate alarm output signal to start the recorder or other related equipment. That  is, when the alarm signal is generated, the scene in the area  associated with the alarm is displayed in full screen and the video can  be automatically recorded. The user can set the duration of the alarm and the duration of the recording. The number of alarm input interface and screen input the same number;
8. Eight-character camera name. Users can program their own programming to each camera up to eight characters name;
9. Alarm screen superimposed, loss of video signal indicators. This feature allows users to quickly check the reasons for the loss;
10. Set on-screen menu programming / recalling. Programming is simple, easy to operate, human-machine interface is friendly;
11. Electronic insurance lock. Users can set their own password, the operator is allowed to operate the system;
12.4 Screen Divider with the specified area image zoom function, the monitor can clearly see the specified area situation

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