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Waterproof camera housing monitor
Mar 30, 2017

Waterproof camera housings are used in the pool, and so on, its main role is to save resources on the target to take risks that might exist to prevent, and monitoring. So now many modern gymnasium will have matching waterproof camera. However, special circumstances as the venue, and may often have wet and so on will certainly influence the function of waterproof cameras, then waterproof camera housing how to monitor it?

Under normal circumstances, in the case of wet, fog appears waterproof camera housing, is seen in the Interior, the camera cannot clearly see objects affects monitoring results. This case we can use open pores, plus fan, desiccant and other methods, different methods may be different. Another external case camera case lens problem, in that case, we can use methods |:1, added to the shield wiper functions, more real-time easy clean glass 2, we can use the stealth wiper window glass, this method is also very good.

That's waterproof camera housing how to monitor in detail. Of course, if we select the water level high, well sealed camera housing can reduce the occurrence of this situation, camera housing as one of the electrical equipment enclosure, suitable for classification of casing protection degree standard, we can understand how the waterproof rating of the standard camera housings.

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