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Vandalproof cameras why housing is so popular
Mar 30, 2017

Explosion-proof camera is always in use under poor environmental conditions, so the explosion-proof camera case not only to withstand the forces of destruction, but also withstand the impact energy of the gases evolved during combustion of within the camera. There are many kinds of explosion proof camera case, explosion-proof dome camera housings, gun-type explosion-proof camera case, global, integrated machine, many companies outside of explosion-proof rank high, purchasing our products, appearance services to meet customer needs.

Wall explosion proof dome camera housing is made of wall mounting bracket and the dome is composed of two parts, unique in the design, seen from the shape resembles an open mouth to eat the fish, very nice. In the product structure design, with plenty of space inside, that is both easy to install and facilitate effective heat dissipation.

Vandalproof camera shell than gun-type, global it more flexible and can be applied to more on small space. Explosion-proof camera housing is often applied to coal mining, drilling and other dangerous working environment, job security, and physical security plays a vital role. Due to such high demand, mean that explosion-proof camera housing industry products became more and more full of modern flavor.

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