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Tips for Choosing Vandal-proof Dome Camera
Dec 14, 2017

Vandal-proof dome camera from the appearance of the most common is the dome or dome camera, the internal and external structure and the general dome camera or dome camera is not much difference between the purchase and installation of what needs Attention questions. The first factor to choose a riot camcorder is its anti-riot performance. In general, a riot camcorder can withstand a weight of 1Kg for 10 times and then its installation angle does not change significantly. The  internal camera circuit can work normally And output images, the shield will not be too much damage and cracks, in the purchase of anti-riot camera in addition to pay attention to the riot of its housing erformance, but also pay attention to its internal movement, because the anti-riot camera to obtain the image quality or Mainly affected by the movement. In accordance with the different needs of the market on the degree of illumination, Siemens introduced three anti-riot cameras in color, black and white, color / black and white to meet the needs of different users. Anti-riot cameras and domes, dome cameras can be called all-in-one cameras (integrated cameras and enclosures), but riot cameras have a more robust dome than domes and hemispheres and are extremely easy to install, The hemisphere installation method is basically the same.

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