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The working principle of anti - theft alarm system
Oct 25, 2017

Anti-theft  alarm system is the use of physical methods or electronic technology, automatic detection occurred in the arming area of the invasion of the intrusion, the alarm signal, and prompted the police officers on the alarm area, showing the system may take countermeasures. Burglar alarm system is an important facility to prevent accidents such as robbery, theft and other accidents. In the event of an incident, you can through the sound and light alarm signal in the security control center to accurately show the location of  the accident, so that the rapid response measures. Anti-theft alarm system and the entrance control system, closed-circuit television monitoring system, guest intercom system and electronic patrol system together constitute a security system.
Anti-theft alarm system is usually composed of: detectors (also known  as alarm), transmission channel and alarm controller three parts
Alarm  detector is composed of sensors and signal processing, used to detect intruder intrusion, by the electronic and mechanical components of the device, is the key to anti-theft alarm system, and the sensor is the core of the alarm detector components. The use of different principles of the sensor, can constitute different types, different uses, to achieve different detection purposes of the alarm detection device.
Alarm  detectors can be divided into infrared alarm detectors, microwave alarm  detectors, passive infrared / microwave alarm detectors, glass break alarm detectors, vibration alarm detectors, ultrasonic alarm detectors, laser alarm detectors, magnetic detectors, Control switch alarm detectors, switch alarm detectors, video motion detection alarm, sound detectors and many other types.
Alarm detectors can be divided into active alarm detectors and passive alarm detectors according to their working methods.
Alarm detectors according to the detection range can be divided into point-controlled alarm detectors, wire alarm detectors, face-controlled alarm detectors and space to prevent alarm detectors.
Alarm detector as a sensor detection device, used to detect intruder intrusion and a variety of unusual circumstances. There are many places for security in a variety of intelligent buildings and ordinary buildings. These places according to the actual situation also has a variety of security precautions and requirements. Therefore, a variety of alarm detectors are needed to meet different safety precautions.
According to the actual site environment and the user's security requirements, a reasonable choice and installation of a variety of alarm detectors, in order to better achieve the purpose of security precautions. When the selection and installation of the alarm detector is not appropriate, there may be security loopholes, fail to achieve the tightness of security, to the intruder caused by the opportunity to the security work to bring undue loss.

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