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The installation principle of video surveillance system
Aug 29, 2017

With the increase in security awareness, video surveillance system is also slowly into our ordinary people home. Video monitoring program is endless, then the installation of monitoring systems and what principles need to comply with the installation of monitoring system must first consider the following eight major monitoring installation principles:
1, real-time: real-time monitoring system, which is particularly important. It is also because of the real-time monitoring system is that the monitoring system is so necessary.
2, security: monitoring system with security and confidentiality measures to prevent illegal intrusion into the system and illegal operation.
3, scalability: monitoring system equipment modular structure, the system can monitor the size, monitoring objects, or monitoring requirements, such as changes in the flexible and flexible in the hardware and software to expand, that does not need to change the structure of the network and the main Of hardware and software equipment.
4, openness: monitoring system to follow the principle of openness, the system provides in line with international standards of software, hardware, communications, networking, operating systems and database management systems and other aspects of the interface and tools, the system has good flexibility, compatibility , Scalability and portability. The entire network is an open system, compatible with a number of monitoring manufacturers of products, and can support secondary development.
5, the standard: monitoring system used by the equipment and technology in line with international standards. This can give you a guarantee of peace of mind.
6, flexibility: monitoring system networking flexible, flexible system configuration, to take full advantage of the existing video surveillance subsystem network resources. The system will be integrated into other subsystems, to meet the business needs of different monitoring units, software features a comprehensive, easy to configure.
7, advanced: monitoring system is to meet the reliability and practicality of the premise as far as possible advanced system. The entire system in the decade after the completion of the advanced, the system used by the equipment and technology to adapt to the future development, and can easily upgrade. Will become an advanced, adapt to the future development, high reliability, good confidentiality, network expansion is simple, the connection data processing ability, the system operation easy operation security system.
8, practical: video surveillance system with the required functions to complete the required capacity and standards. The system in line with the actual needs of the project at home and abroad the relevant requirements, and easy to implement, easy to operate. From the user point of view, make full use of existing resources, try to reduce system costs, the system has a high cost performance.

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