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Security monitoring cloud storage
Oct 24, 2017

Digital video surveillance involves the acquisition, storage and use of huge amounts of data. Therefore,a high-performance video surveillance system must have a high-performance data storage system, which is related to the efficiencyof data management, data security and data efficiency. In the telecommunications level of digital monitoring system, the requirements for data storage systems, in general, to meet the six requirements:
 One of the key features of digital monitoring systems is the large amount of centralized data storage and decentralized front-end applications. Therefore, the storage system must have a strong data transmission capacity, otherwise it will affect the efficiency of data storage and use;
Massive data storage requirements and rapid growth characteristics of the requirements of the storage system must be able to meet the telecommunications level data monitoring requirements of mass storage, but also must have good scalability, coping with the rapid increase in the amount of data for the expansion of storage space needs;
As the monitoring system generally requires real-time video input, so this  real-time video input on the disk array data write ability put forward higher requirements, otherwise the write speed can not meet the requirements of the situation, the data concentrated in the cache, the final Will cause the cache data to overflow so that the host crashes;
 Monitoring video needs to be deleted after a period of time after the data, after the deletion of data, there will be a certain time interval data can not be written immediately, this time the data is stored in the cache, the larger cache can guarantee more data Stay in the cache, waiting to reload the hard disk space;
 At any time may appear to monitor video calls and retrieve requests, and sometimes even multiple users at the same time call requests;
Carrier-class storage requirements determine the storage requirements for good management. Simple  and orderly management can help users reduce the cost of operation and  maintenance, but also an important guarantee for system stability. For the telecommunications level system, good stability is necessary, if the lack of stability, it will bring great harm to many users, and  even bring huge losses.
 As the carrier of image data and alarm event records, the importance of storage is self-evident. At present, storage is not only a device, but has been sublimated to the point of a solution platform. Large-capacity storage systems are not a simple stack of storage devices, but also need to address the integrity of storage mechanisms, storage standards and the availability of time and space issues, as well as large-capacity  storage system manageability requirements

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