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Noise dust monitoring system
Sep 25, 2017

Noise dust monitoring system is generally composed of on-line monitoring instrument, data transmission network, monitoring and management platform, remote access and other four parts, the system integrates the Internet of things, large data, video surveillance and cloud computing technology. The on-line monitor is the core part of the whole system, can quickly, accurately, real-time online monitoring, recording and statistics of total particulate matter and noise pollution indicators, and start the pollution alarm system; once the alarm, real data, Other information such as address, telephone, contact, etc. of the source will be sent to the manager page immediately for quick processing. Video surveillance is the site of the construction conditions for supervision, dust pollution and noise pollution to provide evidence.

The data transmission network is the bridge between the front-line on-line monitor and the background supervisory system, completes the real-time acquisition and the persistent storage of the front-end monitoring data, and completes the back-end management platform to transfer the parameters of the on-line monitor parameter control data. Is the definition of the transport protocol, as well as a large number of on-line monitor concurrent data transmission. Monitoring and management platform to complete the monitoring data and picture storage, support for managers of the front-end pollution sources in real-time monitoring, on-line monitor and camera parameters of the control, historical monitoring data statistical analysis and other functions. Remote access provides Web-based system access, and the monitoring management platform supports real-time monitoring of data, images and video from devices, devices, and PCs via the public network anytime, anywhere

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