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IPXX level Introduction
Oct 18, 2017

IPxx level
International industrial standard waterproof grade IP and Japanese  industrial standard JIS waterproof rating is close, points 0-8 of the 9,  IP class also made the provisions of the dust.
Dustproof and waterproof
Protection  level using the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)  recommended IP × × grade standards, different installation sites, the  level is not the same. Specific reference can be made to the following description. In  the grade standard, "××" is a two-digit number, the first bit indicates  the degree of protection against the solid, and the second represents  the degree of protection against the liquid. Solid protection rating of 7 levels, respectively, with 0-6 said;  liquid protection rating of 9 grades, respectively, with 0-8 said.
Dust rating
0: no protection
1: to prevent large solid intrusion
2: to prevent medium-sized solid intrusion
3: to prevent small solids into the invasion
4: to prevent the object is greater than 1mm into the solid
5: to prevent the accumulation of harmful dust
6: completely prevent dust from entering
waterproof level
0: no protection
1: water drops into the shell without impact
2: When the shell is tilted to 15 degrees, the water drops into the shell without affecting
3: water or rain from the 60 degree corner to the shell without impact
4: liquid from any direction to the shell without damage to the impact
5: rinse with water without any harm
6: can be used in the cabin environment
7: can be in a short time resistant to water (1m)
8: long time under a certain water immersion

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