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Installation specifications for indoor surveillance camera
Aug 15, 2017

In a surveillance camera installation room, the requirement of the wiring is not only safe, but also should be arranged reasonably, neatly and firmly. Shenzhen HASION summarizes the installation specifications as follows.

1,The cable for CCTV camera,Its rated voltage shall be greater than the working voltage of the circuit. The insulation of the wire shall comply with the installation mode of circuit line and the environmental conditions for laying. The cross sectional area of the conductor shall meet the requirements of power supply and mechanical strength.

2, CCTV Camera cable should try to avoid connector,if connector is unavoidable, the joint of the camera must be pressed or welded, and the connecting wire and the branch shall not be subjected to mechanical force. The conductor in the pipe shall not be connected under any circumstances. If possible, place the joint on the terminal box.

3, CCTV Camera wiring shall be installed horizontally or vertically in the building. The wiring should be protected with casing (plastic or iron pipe, optional according to the technical requirements of the indoor piping), the ceiling line can be made of metal hose, but it needs to be fixed safe and beautiful.

4, The AC power supply of the alarm control box of the camera shall be carried out separately. The camera can not be in the same tube as the signal line and the low voltage DC power line. The installation of the AC power line shall comply with the electrical installation standards.

5, The line from CCTV camera alarm control box to the ceiling requires additional management, into the wall or with iron pipes to protect, in order to improve the performance of the anti-theft system.

6, There are two kinds of CCTV camera wires: Open wire and buried wire. Open wire is vertical, tidy and beautiful. buried wire requires short pipes, unobstructed and less elbow.

7,The signal line of the CCTV camera can not be parallel with the high-power power line, and can not be worn in the same tube. If the environment is limited, parallel lines should be kept away from over 50cm.

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