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How to protect the camera against thunder
Oct 19, 2017

thunder for the surveillance camera is a great destructive power, once encountered lightning attacks, the security system will face the risk of paralysis.

Transmission line thunder protection: more than half of the monitoring system of lightning accidents are due to the system connected to the line on the lightning induced voltage surge caused by lightning. In the security product installation process should pay attention to the wiring method will effectively separate the lightning current.

Terminal equipment thunder protection: monitoring room lightning protection is the core of the monitoring system lightning protection, lightning protection from lightning, lightning intrusion wave, equipotential bonding, surge protection in many ways.

Front-end equipment lightning protection: front-end equipment has two kinds of outdoor and indoor distribution, indoor distribution is generally not subject to direct lightning, but need to consider to prevent lightning over-voltage damage to equipment, and outdoor equipment at the same time need to consider to prevent lightning The Front-end equipment such as cameras should be placed within the effective protection range of the lightning rod. For front-end equipment that is not covered by any thunder protection system, the direct lightning protection problem should be considered for adequate external protection.

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