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How to longer the pinhole camera life
Aug 22, 2017

Electronic products generally have a certain life, especially some pinhole camera, its material is special, and its application places are limited, the camera is easy to be damaged Electronic products, so the pinhole  camera's life is shorter than other electronic products , so we need to pay more attention to maintenance of pinhole camera 

1, do not let  the camera directly to the sun, so as not to damage the camera image sensor device

2, pay attention to waterproof, some pinhole wireless camera can be waterproof, but some pinhole wireless camera is not waterproof, so for those who can not waterproof the wireless camera, we will pay special attention to prevent the water to the internal parts Burned, the same reason you should avoid the camera and oil, steam, dust and other contacts;

3, do not use your fingers to touch the lens, if the lens needs to clean, you can use a soft brush and blowing a balloon to remove dust, and then use the lens paper or wipe with a wipe with white wine, do not use hard paper, paper towels or napkins to wipe the lens.

 4, do not use the camera in the long term, it is best to cover the lens cover, or cover the camera with a cloth. 

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