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How to ensure product quality of camera housings
Mar 30, 2017

With the development of the security industry, many new camera housing emerging security products, many companies took the opportunity to enter the industry, which brought a number of variables to the security market, appeared on the market a lot of defects, faulty materials.

To grasp the benign development of good products on the market, from the following three aspects to ensure the quality of products, make the production of the product to ensure customer satisfaction.

One. In the choice of raw materials: camera housing material used is aluminum alloy materials, guarantee of product machinability and good heat dissipation.

II. Invest in hardware: invest in processing equipment more than 1.5 million for equipment upgrades, System upgraded to a Siemens CNC machine tool systems; single drilling, tapping machine update for multi-spindle drilling and tapping machines. Surface treatment is currently the most advanced clean production technology.

III. Product differentiation: today's products to meet different customer needs, the company must have a very strong team, product differentiation, improve competitiveness and added value of the product.

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