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Dome camera Usage Place
Sep 27, 2017

Dome camera is commonly used in daily monitoring equipment, because the hemisphere camera size is small, beautiful appearance, the hemisphere camera generally used in which areas

    1, elevator. As the elevator box, there is enough light source, so the minimum illumination of the dome camera 1Lux, clarity 420 lines or more can, but the best choice of color cameras, if you can support manual aperture, manual focus, wide-angle fixed focus the best, Focal length is recommended in 2.8-3.0mm. As the elevator constantly up and down, more power lines, and the use of AC variable frequency technology and other special characteristics. This gives the wiring and anti-interference has brought a lot of problems. And because the cable with the elevator up and down, the middle will have a section of gravity caused by bending, deformation of the phenomenon, which will cause the cable electrical parameters change, causing impedance mismatch, video attenuation increases and make the signal reflection, thus Resulting in video signal signal to noise ratio decreased, video interference occurs. Therefore, you should use shielded, flexible, thick wire cable, such as SYVVV coaxial cable; and minimize the parallel bundles with other cables, the appropriate distance, to avoid interference with the video signal. The camera power supply is normally required to be powered from the main control room, which also avoids interference from the power supply.

    2, corridors. whether day or night, the light is very adequate, uniform, so you can use a fixed manual aperture and fixed focus lens, low illumination 1 Lux, clarity 420 lines above the wide-angle color dome camera. If you encounter slow changes in light and illumination is very low, it is best to use automatic iris, infrared wide-angle dome camera. And the installation should be installed near the stairs near, so you can see the flow of people out of the situation; also consider the safety of equipment, can not be easily destroyed by man.

    3, the door .The door is generally very unstable light changes, so the use of auto iris, auto focus, narrow angle fixed focus, wide dynamic (color) or infrared dome camera is better, so you can avoid the difference in light inside and outside the door when there is exposure or hair White phenomenon

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