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Common installation of smart socket method
Sep 22, 2017

Common installation of smart socket method:
1, the smart socket into the power of the wiring board / socket, usually smart socket will be prompted to remind the lights;
2, download the smart socket corresponding APP, add the connection;
3, LAN wireless network connection, and then with the network will be  the end of the phone and smart socket to achieve intelligent socket  remote control
Smart socket popular say is to save electricity a socket, so far has been the development of a wide range. Part of the high-end energy-saving socket not only energy-saving, but also to protect the electrical. Smart  socket can protect the electrical appliances, mainly from it has the  power to remove the power of garbage, and some also joined the  anti-lightning, anti-short circuit, anti-overload, anti-leakage  function, eliminate switching power supply or electrical appliances and  other functions. Smart  IC chip can be embedded in the smart socket can also automatically  detect the current changes in order to achieve electrical standby  automatic power to solve the "standby power consumption" problem. Through a series of scientific and technological measures, smart  socket without changing the original use of electrical appliances under  the habit of doing a real energy saving, but also can completely  eliminate the standby energy consumption problem, so that the real  energy-saving emission reduction, green.
The  correct installation of smart socket, can play its real role, the  installation of smart socket, it is recommended to choose a professional  installation

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