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Cloud Security Concept
Aug 30, 2017

"Cloud" is a metaphorical statement of the Internet and the Internet. In the past, the cloud is often used to represent the telecommunications network, and later used to represent the abstraction of the Internet and the underlying infrastructure. "Cloud security" is based on the Internet of things and the use of cloud storage technology to meet the needs of modern security.


The implementation of cloud security means that through the cluster application, grid technology, distributed file system and other functions, the video monitoring, access control, RFID radio frequency identification, intrusion alarm, fire alarm, SMS alarm, GPS satellite positioning technology through the "cloud" Together to work together, the exchange of information and communication, intelligent identification, positioning, tracking and monitoring of security management. Users can seamlessly monitor for 24 hours via C / S, B / S, and mobile device clients. With the public security of social security video surveillance system multi-level cross-regional large-scale networking, massive data processing needs more and more urgent, cloud technology is also more and more applications in the video surveillance system.

 Mentioned "cloud security" can not talk about cloud storage. This is a very seductive storage technology, cloud storage can achieve full storage virtualization, greatly simplifying the application of the link, save customer construction costs, while providing more storage and sharing capabilities. All devices in the cloud store are completely transparent to the user, and any authorized user can connect to the cloud through an access line for space and data access. Users do not need to worry about storage device model, quantity, network structure, storage protocol, application interface, etc., simple and transparent application. Cloud storage for the user, does not refer to a specific device, but refers to a by a number of storage devices and servers formed by the collection. Users use cloud storage instead of using a storage device, but use the entire cloud storage system to bring a data access service. So strictly speaking, cloud storage is not storage, but a service.


Large-scale network monitoring and the gradual popularization of high-definition monitoring, the need to store large amounts of video data like a tidal impact on the storage system, not only the storage capacity, read and write performance, reliable put forward higher requirements. Monitoring the emergence of cloud storage, breaking the traditional storage performance and capacity bottlenecks, so that cloud storage providers can link a large number of different types of storage devices in the network to form unusually strong storage capacity, performance and capacity of the linear expansion, Data storage has become possible, so that enterprises have the equivalent of the entire cloud storage capacity, successfully solve the storage problem. Monitoring the emergence of cloud storage at the same time enhance the competitiveness of users and manufacturers.


Video surveillance as the main branch of the security field, the amount of data on the network bandwidth consumption is very large, the current situation is probably not fully equipped with data center conditions, cloud security technology in the field of monitoring applications will also go through a long Distance, but with the rapid development of network technology, the impact of its promotion will be fundamentally resolved, cloud security will have a bright future

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