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Camera shell waterproof rating standard
Mar 30, 2017

We generally consider two points when buying camera shell, 

a shell camera quality, one is the camera shell waterproof performance. 

May we'll reference at the time of purchase, of course, 

the strength of this shell camera manufacturer, reputation, and so on. 

Today small series to introduce today's camera shell waterproof rating standard.

Camera shell be divided into indoor and outdoor. 

Some certainly considering it's waterproof outdoor performance, 

clarity and maintenance a lot easier for our camera. 

Some special occasions like these places more alone in the pool, 

then we will take a look at camera shell waterproof rating standards.

Camera shell waterproof rating:

0: no protection

1: water drops into the shell has no effect

2: when enclosure tilted up to 15 degrees, drops of water drip into the shell has no effect

3: water or rainwater from the 60-degree corners on the shell has no effect

4: liquid poured into the shell from any direction without damage

5: wash without any harm

6: can be used in the cabin environment

7: in the short time immersion

8: in under pressure a long time soaking

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