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Sep 13, 2017


1.Plastic molding is easy to form internal stress, after the stress concentration is easy to crack. Annealing treatment or the whole surface treatment can be used to eliminate stress.


Plastic parts often stained with oil, hand sweat and release agent, it will make the coating adhesion worse, the coating cracks, blistering and shedding. Before painting should be degreasing treatment. The plastic parts are usually cleaned with gasoline or alcohol, and then chemical chemical degreasing should be thoroughly cleaned after the surface of the workpiece residual lye, and the final cleaning with pure water, drying

3. In addition to electricity and dust

Plastic products are insulators, easy to adsorb air after the dust in the air and attached to the surface. Due to electrostatic adsorption of dust with the general blowing method to remove very difficult, the use of high-pressure ionization air flow at the same time in addition to the effect of better dust;

4. Spraying

Plastic coating thickness of 15 ~ 20μm, usually to spray 2 to 3 to complete. A spray after drying 15min, and then the second spray. The need for bright surfaces must also be sprayed with clear paint. Coated parts for the flame retardant properties of basic no impact;

5. Drying

General paint baking in the 150-180 environment baking 20-30 minutes

Plastic paint in the 60-80 environment baking 20-30 minutes or so

Some special paint can be dried in the greenhouse.

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