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12 skills Maintenance monitoring camera
Aug 23, 2017

1, voltage detection and breaking method.

2, the voltage detection method: used to detect the circuit in the key point voltage to determine the point of failure.

3, disconnect method: When the circuit short circuit or current is too large, use this method to reduce the fault range.

4, resistance detection method: used to determine a part of the circuit is good or bad.

5, the current detection method: by observing the current value to determine the fault.

6, observation method: the initial inspection circuit with or without burning, explosion and other irresistible factors damage.

7, experience: according to past experience to determine the point of failure.

8, substitution method: for those who can not determine whether the damage, with the substitution method to verify whether the suspected components are damaged. 9, adjustment method: When a product of a value and the normal product deviation, through the potentiometer or other settings to adjust until the satisfactory results.

10, induction method: no output or output instability, the output side of an interference signal, you can accurately determine the fault in a certain part of a component.

11, the temperature method: When there is a period of time after the failure, you can use the heating method to troubleshoot.

12, touch method: open the case, hand touch the components (chips) with or without overheating or normal temperature, that hand can not stay on the component, will feel abnormal heat and then determine the point of failure.

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